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Senior School Course

Samoa Mission Trip 2016



Year 10


Year 10 Bible

Year 10 Design & Technology

Year 10 Drama

Year 10 English - Advanced

Year 10 English - Standard

Year 10 Food Technology

Year 10 Geography

Year 10 History

Year 10 History Elective

Year 10 Information and Software Technology

Year 10 MX Mathematics

Year 10 MY Mathematics

Year 10 MZ Mathematics

Year 10 Music

Year 10 PASS

Year 10 PDHPE

Year 10 Science

Year 10 Textiles Technology


Year 11

All My Own Work

Preliminary Ancient History Samways

Preliminary Ancient History Wannan

Preliminary Biology

Preliminary Business Studies

Preliminary Chemistry

Preliminary Design & Technology

Preliminary Drama

Preliminary English Advanced Mason

Preliminary English Advanced Jaeger

Preliminary English Extension 1

Preliminary English Fundamentals

Preliminary English Standard

Preliminary Food Technology

Preliminary Information Processes and Technology

Preliminary Legal Studies

Preliminary Mathematics

Preliminary Mathematics General

Preliminary Mathematics Extension 1

Preliminary Modern History

Preliminary Music

Preliminary PDHPE

Preliminary Physics

Preliminary Spanish

Preliminary Studies of Religion

Preliminary Textiles and Design

Preliminary Visual Art



HSC Ancient History Samways

HSC Ancient History Wannan

HSC Biology

HSC Business Studies

HSC Chemistry

HSC Drama

HSC English Advanced

HSC English Advanced Jaeger

HSC English Extension 1

HSC English Extension 2

HSC English Standard

HSC English Standard Jaeger

HSC Food Technology

HSC History Extension

HSC Information Processes and Technology

HSC Legal Studies

HSC Mathematics Extension 1 Dougan

HSC Mathematics Extension 2

HSC Mathematics General

HSC Mathematics

HSC Mathematics Extension 1

HSC Modern History Samways

HSC Music



HSC Physics

HSC Studies Of Religion

HSC Spanish

HSC Visual Art

HSC Textiles and Design